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"First Impressions are Everything!"

Belle Staging is a fully insured home staging company serving Toronto, Ontario. 

As a boutique home staging company, we pay attention to every detail no matter how small. We believe each home is different and a customized design is needed for each home individually. We take into consideration potential buyers demographics, the size and architecture of your home as well as other individual needs. 


 At Belle Staging, we start our job before even entering your home by researching and becoming familiar with general buyers demographic in your neighborhood. By following an 8 step, FEEL HOME process we cover all the design elements that make buyers FEEL HOME in the home we are staging. We use a proven and tried process which is sure to get results to transform your home and create a vision to which more buyers will aspire and want to have. 


In today’s world, most buyers primary resource is online listing. Our tailored designs make your house stand out online which results in more viewing and surely more showing. This enables your home to sell faster and for more money. We value our clients tremendously and are dedicated to our work. We are willing to go extra miles to make sure your house will be the best it can be on the market.

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