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Parichehr Kimiaee

CEO of BelleStaging

Parichehr Kimaiee, CEO profile photo

 “Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” 

George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831)


I was born in Iran and growing up I had two passions: helping people and decorating and styling spaces. Following my first one, I became a medical doctor. I loved and cared very much for my patients, and my mission was to give them the best result possible and for that, I was ready to go above and beyond.

Meanwhile, I had my other passion. I always have loved beautiful interiors and decors and as a hobby, in my free time, I would go over the home or interior design magazines. Decorating my home was always a part of my relaxation time, but it was not until I designed my own office 20 years ago, at a time where not many doctors paid attention to their office aesthetics, that I found out how much I truly enjoyed doing it. I wanted to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for my patients to lessen their stress and make them feel comfortable, and so I did it. 


Everyone was surprised that I was the designer behind it all. It then resulted in many of my family and friends to consult me on how they can improve their home and office designs.


After coming to Canada, it was time for me to pursue home design on a more professional level. I chose home staging and design because I knew that I possessed the talent and met the required personal characteristics for it. I have always been passionate to help people at an important time in their life, and my built up skills to be a good listener and a diligent observer to spot problematic areas and finding solutions came as an asset for me. 


Of course, I needed to know the field more fundamentally. So I began to take courses with prestigious academies in Canada and USA and became a Certified Canadian Staging Professional (CCSP), Certified UltimateStager™(USC™), Home Staging Resource (HSR) Certified as well as Colour Consultant Expert (CCE).

It was so that Belle Staging Inc. came to be.

I learned from the best in the field, and I am confident that my knowledge, skills, and abilities will transform your home into the belle of your neighborhood. 


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