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Christine Rae

It was my pleasure recently to host Parichehr in one of my training sessions. She was a good student, scored well on her exams and participated well in the classroom segments. She is intelligent, articulate and precise. During the practicum she was as diligent. Working well within the team framework, clear in her thoughts/ideas able to present what her suggestions were and her skill at creating a staged property were well defined. She will do well with any project she puts her mind too. I believe she has an exacting eye for detail, complete understanding of staging vs decorating. She cares about her clients and achieving good results for them. I found her to be honest, friendly, trustworthy and talented.

Mehran Malekzadeh

Thank you so much for your staging efforts. By using your expertise we eliminated one of the most common objections made by buyers when viewing a property – the home is too cluttered. In a tough market the staging of a home is extremely helpful in obtaining a good sale price in a reasonable amount of time. The beautiful job that Belle Staging did definitely helped me to get it SOLD. Looking forward to working with you in the near future again.

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