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Interior Design in 2021

After the first month of 2021 we can safely say that 2021 is just 2020 with bangs. It’s more important now than ever that you feel comfortable in your own home, since most of us are working from home to stay and keep others safe and healthy from Covid-19. With the appearance of the UK Covid variant it seems as if this situation will continue to exist for now, so we should make the best of our work-at-home time.

designing with colour

To make sure we leave 2020 far behind us, this year will be all about expressing who you are in your interior style. White walls are expected to make way for color explosions and furniture sets are making way for individual statement pieces. Sometimes change is good, so let’s get into it.

What is the most popular interior color for 2021

One of the most frequent asked questions on Google is, “What is the color for 2021” when it comes to interior design. The first rule to remember when choosing a color for any room is that you are attracted to the color. Choose colors that will complement the purpose of the room. Think of calm, neutral colors for the bedroom but show your personality in your living room and kitchen.

When it comes to the most popular color in 2021 it seems as if most people are leaning towards Gray for 7 years in a row now. Gray has always been a leading color in many interiors because of the many shades this color has. There’s a Shade of Gray for everyone.

shades of gray colour palette

If Grey is not your color as a base for your home, you should consider different shades of Green, Blue, Orange or Beige. When it comes to your home office, consider pastel colors to keep the space happy, bright and professional all at once. After choosing a base color you can look for a color that compliments your base color to set the tone for the rest of your design. Now you know what colors to look for, let’s get into the most popular decorating ideas according to Pinterest for 2021.

2021 interior design trends

Pinterest recently revealed the trends to expect in 2021. When it comes to inspiration, Pinterest is by far the most popular platform today and 8/10 of their predictions in 2020 came true. This is what they had to say about interior design this year.

Neon lighting

Lighting is a big deal, and since we spend so much time inside of the house, it’s a smart idea to play with lighting in your house. “Led lighting is a 2021 vibe”, Pinterest states and the statistics are not lying. There’s an increase in searches for Neon Rooms. We’re looking for inspiration on neon rooms 8 times as much as we did last year! Neon lighting can add a particular mood to the room witch benefits your goals. For example, turn the light to blue when you’re working to stay focused and use orange or red lighting for a relaxing night on the couch. Add a neon light to your bedroom to enhance the ambiance instantly.

neon lighting interior design


The next big trend for your kitchen: Shelfies. I see a hashtag coming for this one. The idea behind shelfies is to display all your glassware, cookware and plates. It makes your kitchen supplies more accessible and it’s the perfect way to dress up pale walls in your kitchen. Style your open-shelf plan with spices, herbs and cookbooks to turn your kitchen into a perfect workspace for great dinners at home.

design with shelves


This could be the most exciting trend in 2021. Ladies, let’s admit it: we love to spend time with our clothes, shoes, bags and other pretty stuff. A cloffice might be the perfect solution to all your creative challenges when working from home. Just set up your computer in the middle of your closet, surround yourself with your favorite items and tell me you don’t feel inspired. This works for smaller closets too and might be the perfect solution if you’re a room short for a home-office. Your cloffice can provide a private, quiet and inspirational space all at once.

walk in closet closet design


Japanese design meets Scandinavian minimalism.” For those who are obsessed with the minimalistic items in the Scandinavian design style and the beautiful shapes of Chinese design, this rising décor trend might be the right fit for you in 2021. This style has so much potential due to the use of different shapes and materials without making the room feel less modern. Notice how 1 item with a Chinese influence and a mattress without a box can make the room feel so different?


2021 interior design styles

For 2021 the most important rule in interior design is, create spaces where you can feel at home, at work and in a restaurant all at once. You don’t have to stick to one interior style anymore. Just make the best out of every space so that you and your family can feel at home everywhere.


When it comes to different design styles you might want to watch industrial styling, as mixing wood and metal in various spaces are becoming more trendy in 2021. Think wood and metal elements, high ceilings and exposed brick or stone walls. Industrial interiors are expected to become more popular as people are spending more time at home because this interior style compliments living, working and playing at home at the same time.

industrial comfort

converting with industrial style - interiors

The industrial interior style is adaptable to other styles as well. You can put in modern furniture to create a more modern and clean look but you can also style an industrial base with contemporary items.

Contemporary Country

If you’re looking for warm tones, mellow meadow prints and natural textures this might be your favorite trend in 2021. Contemporary Country is a mixture of rattan or wooden furniture and sustainable fabrics in your choice of curtains and bedlinen. Beige is often the base color for building a contemporary country space, but the fact is that you can never go wrong with contemporary. Just choose items that you love and style the space with natural and warm tones.

country decor modern

Coastal based on distant shores

It’s no surprise that by now, most of us are dreaming of white beaches and palm trees. This next trend takes you straight to any vacation you’re imaging. Coastal inspired interiors are perfect for creating a space where you can relax and recharge without crossing the state borders. Use plants and flowers to bring the outside indoors and play with colors that remind you of the beach.

With a coastal interior you can easily implement light fabrics, candles and dried leaves to style the room and make it feel like you’re right where you need to be in this hectic time. Keep base colors as Blue, Grey, White and Beige in the back of your mind when shopping for your new interior. Look for airy curtains or blinds to dress up your windows and choose artwork that compliments your coastal interior.

coastal design

coastal design interior

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