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What Features Capture the Attention of Home Buyers?

graph of leads by price vs views by price

As a real estate staging professional, we are always interested in what buyers are looking at when searching for their new home or property. We pride ourselves in knowing what draws the eyes, the colour combinations and how best to showcase a property to get the maximum dollar and sell in the fastest time. The fewer days on the market, the better for everyone – the real estate agent in Toronto, the homeowner and the buyer.

Recently we ran across a report from Listing to Lead: The features that draw homebuyers in. Some of the numbers in the report were quite interesting.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Pricing: Low prices remain the most attractive for potential homebuyers, with listings under $100K getting 233% more leads and 45% more views than the more expensive options. Also, 70% of the real estate agents we surveyed believe charm pricing still works like a charm, but the findings concluded that this is not the case anymore;

  • Visuals: As opposed to what professionals think, listings with 6 to 10 pictures generate 52% more leads than listings with very few (1-5) or too many images (46-50) do;

  • Brevity: Properties with very short descriptions (250 characters max.) draw the most attention;

  • Property type: Condos get 16% more leads than houses, while 2-bed properties generate 14% more leads than 3-bed ones. When it comes to baths, listings with 1.5 bathrooms spark the highest interest;

  • Amenities: Even though agents think pools are not that attractive to homebuyers, according to the findings, they generate a whopping 46% more leads than listings that don’t have a pool. Water views increase the number of leads by 18%. Listings with fireplaces, on the other hand, are tamer, generating 6% more leads than homes without one.

  • For real estate agents in the GTA, generating leads is one of the most important parts of the business.

The way listings are presented and the amenities they include can either help increase those lead counts or just make home seekers look the other way.

To put everything together, Point2Homes looked at all the properties listed on Point2 Homes, one of the biggest real estate portals in Canada, and determined the number of leads each of them generates. In addition, they surveyed real estate agents featured on their platform to get their take on things.

If you would like more information on packaging a property sell with fewer days on the market, contact us, we’d love to meet with you to discuss how our services can increase your real estate business in Toronto and the GTA.

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